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Projects & Cases

It takes research and a great plan to make sure your international expansion efforts pay off. But there is an amount of risk involved if you want to set up operations abroad. To minimize that risk, you need a structured and strategic approach to insure resources produce maximum results. Below we are showcasing some of the projects we executed over the years...

California based,  Software as a Service Start-Up

Thanks to modern technological advances, it is now almost as easy to sell your products and services internationally as from your home country.

For this reason, many startups are now targeting international markets early-on in the journey to exit.

We engaged in a full global expansion project "destination Brazil" with our client based in Southern California. All the way, starting with the "feasibility study" and landing in Brazil with a fully owned subsidiary.


SaaS Project
Capital Intensive Project
Virginia, USA based, Capital Intensive Company

For more than a year of consulting and hands on work, we have engaged in another full global expansion project with our client based in Virginia, USA.

The core business of this client-firm is helping capital intensive companies monitor big investment projects.

Destination market was Brazil and we completed together all the stages of the expansion project, from "feasibility study" to the final stage of incorporating a fully owned LLC subsidiary in South of Brazil.

Global Mining Project
Sao Paulo, BR based, Global Mining Company

It took several months of consulting work on the project stages of a "foreign acquisition".

Our client, -a multinational mining company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil-, decided to make a mining company acquisition in Peru.

We engaged in a work-together project with our clients' internal lawyers and the law firm advising the Peruvian based company.

Texas, USA based, Software Company

Our client, - a Texas, USA based software company- decided to expand into Brazil, with the objective of start biding for IT / software projects in South America.

We helped our client, with all the research necessary to arrive at the right decision, and finally incorporating a LLC subsidiary in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

We then continued with the company representation in Brazil, also providing with accounting, taxation and human resources services.

US Software Project
Ceramics Indusry Project
Mexico DF, MX based, Ceramics Industry

Our client, - a Mexico DF, MX based ceramic manufacturer- decided to expand into the Brazilian market.

We provided assistance to our client, with research consulting and business exploration of different Brazilian states, mainly focusing on the investment programs and incentives plans offered by different jurisdictions for Foreign Direct Investment.

JOINT VENTURE (Brazil-China)
Brasilia, BR based, Regional Engineering Co.


Project was related to consulting work research, with the objective of starting up a relationship with a mainland China company and subsequent structuring of a Joint Venture.

Our client, - a Brasilia, BR based regional engineering company- expected to expand its presence in the Chinese market.

We provided consulting assistance with the necessary research consulting with focus on industrial, capital intensive companies.


Engineering Company Project
North Dakota, US, Propane Distributor Co.


Propane Distributor US

It took several months of consulting work on the project stages of a "foreign acquisition" in the US market (company + expatriates)

Our client, -a Brazilian domestic company based in Sao Paulo, Brazil-, decided to buy the full equity of a US propane distributor in North Dakota, US.

We engaged in a work-together project with the internal lawyers and the law firm advising the US company.

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