| Registering a LLC in Canada

Canada is, after all, one of the world’s easiest places to

start a business. There are no language barriers, and most procedures are clear,

transparent and quick.

Our Client’s company offers road safety-related products, in-car safety devices and driving aids to customers in Canada.

Our Client wanted to pay the engagement fees in installments, which was no


Certificate of Incorporation

We received the certificate of incorporation and other corporate documents from the registrar just a week after applying.

Opening of a Bank Account

This is typically the most challenging part of any engagement, particularly if the shareholders and directors live outside the country where the account is being opened.

One potential deal breaker: some banks insisting on the bank signatory traveling to the bank branch for a one-hour interview.

Another challenge: bank compliance departments everywhere are asking for more and more information on shareholders and directors, the company’s activities and its potential clients, before onboarding them. Canada is no exception.

One effective strategy to accelerate bank account opening, and to avoid our client having to travel, is the use of a nominee resident director.