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Work Visas Brazil

Work Visas for Brazil

For the foreign employee hired to work in their company’s Brazilian subsidiary, a temporary or permanent Brazilian Work Visa is required. The list of available Work Visas is quite lengthy, and determining the correct one will be dependent on a variety of factors, including:

  • The nature of the individual’s professional role.

  • Their specific reason for coming to Brazil.

  • Their intended length of stay.


In most cases, Brazilian Work Visas are only made available to those individuals who will be employed by a registered Brazilian company, and who will, therefore, be subject to Brazilian labor and tax regulations.

Temporary Labor Visa with an Employment Agreement

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This type of work visa is intended for foreigners that are engaged in remunerated activities in a Brazilian company. Also, it is required to execute a local Labor Contract valid for up to 2 (two) years, renewable for another 2 years.


It’s required from the candidate:

  • A evidence of instruction and professional practice in the field in which the individual will work in Brazil.

  • A master's degree or higher that is compatible with the activities that will be carried out in Brazil. In case the position does not require a degree, the foreigner must document at least 3 years of experience in that profession.

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Temporary Technical Visa with a Foreign Agreement

In order to provide technical service, the foreigner continues to be the foreign company’s employee, without an employment bond for 1 (one) year and might be extended just once, for equal period.

Temporary Technical Visa for a 90 Days Period

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In order to provide short term technical services, we have a more simplified work visa, for a period of 90 days and cannot be extended, unless need is proven. This is usually granted in emergency situations, ex. machinery broken down. or natural disaster. The visa must with the Brazilian company - there is no control on how the person is paid or employed. This type of work visa is authorized based on a Transfer of Technology, Technical Assistance or Technical Cooperation Agreement executed by and between the Brazilian company and the foreign company, in addition to the submission of a detailed Training Plan.


The visa is valid be obtained from a Brazilian consulate in the applicant's home country, and the registration with the Federal Police Department that must occur within 30 days is mandatory. The recipient is allowed to apply for another type of visa during the 90-day period, if necessary.

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Temporary Apprenticeship and Training Visa

This type of visa is authorized for Apprenticeship, between companies of the same economic group or professional training for recent graduates. The visa is valid for a maximum of 1 (one) year, non-extendable, without employment bond in Brazil.

FAQ's Work Visas BR

FAQ's Work Visas for Brazil

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