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Visa & Immigration Services

Combined Services & Expertise

We will provide visa and immigration services with relocation know-how resulting in invaluable support to you and your employees. We directly deliver visa and immigration services in high-traffic and especially complex relocation destinations, and our network of carefully chosen providers extends around the world.

Our on-the-ground people keep you on top of changing requirements for legal work authorization documents, permits, visas, business visas for assignees and their families and more.

We prepare and file applications, then automatically track visa status and renewals, helping assignees and their family members remain current and compliant throughout their assignment. You receive regular status updates and aggregated reports.

Investors & Work Visas

Investors Visas in Brazil

For the entrepreneur relocating to Brazil for the purposes of running a business, or for the C-level executive appointed to oversee their company’s Brazilian subsidiary, a Brazilian Investor Visa is required.

Much like the US Green Card, the Investor Visa:

  • Endows Permanent Residency status.

  • Group visa for you and your family members.

  • Grants the option to apply for Brazilian Citizenship and Passport in a couple of years.

The Investor Visa also requires a minimum level of financial investment of R$ 500k BRL for individual investor OR R$ 600k for legal entity investor, in a Brazilian company.

Work Visas in Brazil

For the foreign employee hired to work in their company’s Brazilian subsidiary, a temporary or permanent Brazilian Work Visa is required. The list of available Work Visas is quite lengthy, and determining the correct one will be dependent on 

a variety of factors, including:

  • The nature of the individual’s professional role.

  • their specific reason for coming to Brazil.

  • their intended length of stay.

In most cases, Brazilian Work Visas are only made available to those individuals who will be employed by a registered Brazilian company, and who will therefore be subject to Brazilian labor and tax regulations.

Other Visas for Brazil

Tourist Visa

  • Touristic trip; visit to relatives and/or friends for a short period of time; scientists, professors or researchers attending conferences and seminars.

  • Tourist visa holders are not allowed to engage in any paid activity in Brazil.

Temporary Visa

  • VITEM I: Educational exchange; scientific research; medical treatment; religious or social work, and pursue of training by athletes under 21.

  • VITEM II: Business visa.

  • VITEM III: Artistic or sport performances.

  • VITEM IV: Students and trainees.

  • VITEM V: Work Visa.

  • VITEM VI: Media correspondents.

  • VITEM VII: Religious or Missionary visa.

Permanent Visa

  • Family reunion.

  • Transfer of residence following retirement.

  • Personal investment in Brazil.

  • Intra-company transferees to work as managers, directors, or executives.

  • Job offer at a Brazilian research, scientific or academic organization, based on field of expertise.

  • Manager or director of a religious or social assistance organization.

Diplomatic & Official

Special visa given to diplomats and and government officials.

For Mercosur Countries

Nationals of MERCOSUR’s countries and associated countries (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela) can apply for a residency permission.

Transit Visa

Special visa for passing through immigration (unusual).

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