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Representing, Marketing & Growing your Business in Brazil


Having a representative contact in Brazil is a solution for international businessmen or companies looking forward to doing business abroad.

Unlike a limited liability entity (LLC equivalent), it allows you to avoid spending on capital since there is no investment capital requirement.

Hiring a local sales, marketing or business development Representative in Brazil also helps you to avoid wasting your time since it allows you to experiment in the market until you decide to establish a company. 

Representing & Marketing your Business in Brazil

Regulated by Brazilian Law n.º 4.886/65, and changed by n.º 8.420/92, according to this legislation:
“Commercial representation is a form of commercial business intermediation, that is, commercial representatives have the responsibility of facilitating the business involving the sale of products or services of their clients. This intermediation involves, on the one hand, the represented companies, industries and/or companies dedicated to trade or services, and on the other hand their customers, other companies, retailers or service providers.”


This business model has grown since it has many benefits, for one the process is not overly complicated and has no defined regulations. The only obligation is to be legally registered and to liaison work and services. A representative contact can find suppliers and customers, act as a showroom for products or services, be your country lead or manager in Brazil.

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Cost reductions, for start-up businesses or those with a small staff, a representative can greatly reduce your office central costs and expenses;


Professional grade representative office, high quality reception areas and meeting rooms leave a good impression; 


Peace of mind, your representative takes the hassle out of administrating an office by consolidating everything into a monthly payment; 


Fully equipped professional hub, professional and bilingual staff can take care of your phone calls, mail and appointments and deliver them to you in your desired language as can provide to your clients high class meeting rooms with technology such as video conferencing; 


Selling and Marketing on your behalf, a full range office support is available to meet any needs you may have including, local CRM, email marketing, campaigns, visits, presentations, business development.


Address, a benefit of using our hub services is being able to use our address and make your clients feel more credibility and security, and help you in raising brand awareness in Brazil.

Important Notes
  • There should be no subordination between the commercial representative and the company represented, and the commercial representative must have autonomy to carry out its activities. 

  • The existence of subordination or command power of the company represented on the commercial representative may create an employment relationship between them, transforming the commercial representative into an employee of the company represented, with all rights and guarantees established by the labor legislation in force.

  • Commercial representation activities can be provided by both individuals (autonomous) and by legal entities (company), and must be registered with the Regional Council of Commercial Representation of the state where they carry out their activities.

  • There must be a written commercial representation contract between the commercial representative and its represented companies.

For Exporters  (Exports to Brazil)

We are ready to help exporters in the sale of their products and goods in Brazil. Our team works individually with each case. The profitability and efficiency of the Client’s operations are the main components of our job.


We offer our clients the following list of services:

  • Market research

  • Sales management

  • Building and managing distribution channels

  • Marketing services

  • Expertise and advice on all aspects of foreign economic activity

  • Certification, authorization and assistance in obtaining licenses

For Importers (Imports from Brazil)

We will do market research & select counter-parties among numerous suppliers and manufacturers of products that are of interest to you.

Our company is prepared to assist you with the following services:

  • Determination of conformity of products to the standards adopted in the US and EU.

  • Tours on industry, territorial and special thematic exhibitions

  • Selection of data on product manufacturers.

  • Representative functions, negotiations, preparation for the signing of agreements and contracts.

  • Support of the Client’s view in matters of prices and terms, correspondence and telephone negotiations.

  • Monitoring compliance with the terms of delivery, complement and quality of goods and products,

  • Dealership issues

Arrangements to Create Business Relationships

Our company provides the following services in the field of improving business relations:

  • Organization of business meetings, conferences, training sessions and presentations

  • Reception and accommodation of delegations

  • Organization of corporate and individual visits and travels

  • Ensuring participation in international congresses, congresses, conferences, exhibitions

  • Participation in the industry, territorial and thematic exhibitions

  • Preparation and provision of business negotiations and meetings

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Business Travel Support

Business tours can help extend your professional network, bring in new contacts and allow you to gain the crucial local knowledge about the region, as well as the allowing you to participate in numerous events: forums, conferences, meetings, exhibitions.

Our company can arrange business tours for our Clients’ employees, arrange business seminars and award trips for them, taking care of the planning, provide initial visa support, reception, accommodation and cultural services for the participants.


We offer the following services:

  • Development and preparation of the tour program pursuant to the wishes of the Client

  • Assistance in visa support

  • Ensuring participation, registration, accreditation at all events of the tour program

  • Translation services

  • Organization of excursions and other cultural events

  • VIP service

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