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Business Conversions

& Document Filing

On the way of your project, you may face some situations that might require special attention.
Setup Global can make things easier if you need services related to changing ownership or management structure.
We will work on your needs for changing address, transfer ownership, change directors, working on your behalf as "attorney in fact" and the like.

Amendments to Articles of Association

Changing address (so you can alternate the legal location of your business)

Transfer of Ownership (so you can change the legal owner of the company)

Change of Director (so you can assign the right person for the right job)

Attorney in Fact (so there can be a legal representation in Brazil)

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Business Conversions

Conversion of Limitada to SA (sociedad anonima)

Conversion of EIRELI to Limitada

Conversion of Services to Commercial

Conversion of Limitada to EIRELI

Conversion of EIRELI to SA (sociedad anonima)

Conversion of Commercial to Services

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