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Business Expansion Consultants

We are GDPR and CCPA compliant.

GDPR (European Union) and CCPA (California, US) enshrine data protection and privacy rights for consumers in their jurisdictions, empowering users to know what personal data is being collected, to refuse the sale of it, and to request its deletion. 

Local, Regional & Global Business Expansion

Setup Global has helped startups and medium sized companies create growth through successful expansion into their domestic markets and / or regional and global markets.

We assist companies expanding into markets like the Americas, EMEA (Europe, Middle East & Africa) and Asia Pacific.

We provide intelligent market, legal, technical and tax solutions to resolve commercial, business development, investment, compliance and regulatory matters.

Starting a New Business

Setup Global will develop (and subsequently execute) a plan that includes: location search, entity formation, IT, market, product /service issues, capital formation and the search for your local partners as needed.

Foreign Direct Investment

FDI can provide a firm with new markets and marketing channels, cheaper services or production facilities, access to new technology, products, skills and financing. For the foreign firm that receives the investment, it can provide a source of new capital, new technologies, etc.

Property Location Search

We provide our clients and / or potential clients with several services associated with the search of a location for doing business.

We will work out a solution for your Commercial property (offices, plant, logistics site) .

Feasibility Studies

The “Business Feasibility Study, BFS” is mainly used to support the decision making process based on a cost-benefit analysis of the actual business of project viability.

Structuring Services

We will assemble a feasibility plan to assess the right structure and the actions to be executed throughout the implementation. Areas covered include: Financing, M&A's, Due diligence, Technology issues, Intellectual property, commercial contracts and the like.

Market Entry Strategy

Setup Global will help you with the market entry planning stages. Our services include: business model, consumer demand generation, competitive position, channel strategy, supply chain infrastructure, regulatory compliance issues and the like.

Corporate Services

We perform a complete range of services for “start-ups” (with special attention to the needs of the foreign investor coming to Brazil) and for “established businesses”.

Company Registration

Our services are oriented to settling in subsidiaries for established or new companies. Setup Global incorporated new businesses in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, China, Singapore and other jurisdictions through our global network.

Outsourcing & SPM

Setup Global can provide a SPM (single point of management) in the new jurisdiction.

Our team is ready to undertake tasks that are not directly related to the client's core activities.

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